About Mary Gladstone

Mary-Gladstone_1291_ppMary Gladstone caught the travel bug as a child growing up in Colorado.  Her family spent summers traveling around the U S for her father’s work and to visit relatives in other states, always stopping along the way to enjoy the National Parks and historic sites.

At 16 she travelled to Europe with her family for six weeks and at 20, around the world with a friend for 9 months.  The resulting exhilaration and education inspired her to join the travel industry in 1984 and bring these types of experiences to others.

She has firsthand knowledge of countries in Europe, Southeast Asia, North, South and Central America and Africa.  Cars, trains, planes and boats are modes of transportation she has sampled extensively!

Now with 30 years of travel industry know-how and the same passion for bringing her clients to the world as when she began, she can craft the perfect vacation adventure or business expedition for you!